Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions​

Our ISA certified arborists in Lakeland can tell you everything about TREES!

Q: When to call for Emergency Tree Services?

A: Signs of emergency can include damaged or decaying trees, leaning trees, fungal infections, and trees in hazardous locations. Dead branches or severe damage to the trunk are signs of decay and should be monitored. If a tree leans dramatically or shows signs of disease such as fungal growth, prompt removal may be necessary. Healthy trees can also pose a risk if located too close to buildings or utility lines. Emergency tree removals should be handled by experienced ISA certified arborists. Contact our Lakeland office as soon as you detect a problem.

A: Tree trimming is a service that keeps your trees and hedges looking neat and tidy, while removing unwanted, overgrown branches. You may use your gardener or landscaper for trimming services to keep with the vision you have for your landscaping. If you have many trees, we recommend hiring a professional tree service with the experience, equipment and safety training to provide top-quality tree trimming services.

Tree pruning is mainly about safety and maintaining the health of a tree. If a tree has dead or diseased branches, you should hire a professional who knows how to prune the tree to give it the best chance of recovering. Pruning can also help with safety hazards posed by trees growing too close to powerlines or roads. It is dangerous to attempt to prune a tree that is close to any infrastructure on your own as you can harm yourself and cause more damage. Always leave pruning to professionals.

A: Here are some factors we take into consideration when deciding if a tree needs to be removed:

Getting too close to your home or property:
Trees removal can prevent damage to buildings and reduce safety hazards. Trees that grow too close to a house or business can cause damage if they fall during a storm.

Leaning Tree:
A leaning tree is usually removed because it is deemed unsafe. Chances are if a tree is leaning, then it is going to fall or disrupt something in the direction that it is leaning.

Hollow or Damaged Trees:
A hollow tree or one with a compromised trunk may be unstable and prone to falling over. Dead branches, large cracks, and splits on the tree’s trunk may indicate internal damage and safety concerns.

Our ISA certified arborists for the Lakeland area provide commercial and residential tree services and can investigate further to assess the safety of the tree. Removing a hazardous tree can prevent costly repairs and provide peace of mind.

Q: What is stump grinding and why is it important?

A: Tree stumps are unsightly and pose safety hazards, causing potential injury or legal issues. Arbor Tech Tree Care's stump grinding service eliminates stumps and roots by turning them into small wood chips. This process inhibits future tree growth and improves your property's appearance and safety for loved ones and customers.

Since 2003, home and business owners throughout Polk County have trusted Arbor Tech Tree Care for a complete Range of Tree Services.

Owner Nate Smith is a lifelong Lakeland resident and former service member. Smith has spent 30 years in the tree care industry. Arbor Tech Tree Care is licensed, and insured, and has the advanced technology and equipment that other tree companies do not have.